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Have you been dreaming of changing the kitchen space you live in every day?  Are you thinking about how the changes you make will improve the look, feel and general practicality of your home?  Concerned that it may be too expensive?  Well, Frisco Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel is ready to bring you the redesign, remodel and renovation service you are looking for at a price you can smile about.  We are able to provide outstanding remodeling, home additions, roof repair, redesign services and more.  This is the best time to invest in your home and bring to life that home of your dreams!

 Frisco Kitchen Remodel is made up of a group of contractors, electricians, plumbers, renovation and redesign experts.  We can bring you all of the professional services you need regardless of the requirements of your specific remodel.  Do you need to restore an out of date kitchen, add new granite countertops to add some freshness or even extend or create a home addition?  We have all the expertise to make that happen, all you need to do is imagine what’s possible and give us a call.  We can cover the rest.

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We are able to bring a large spectrum of services that span from home renovation, repair, and construction plus much more.  We can promise that no matter the idea you have in your mind, we have the professional knowledge to turn that into a reality.  We know that many customers are uncertain about the costs of a kitchen remodel and that the price can shoot above and beyond their budget but we will ensure that this is not going to happen.  We not only bring some of the best industry minds and talent but we also are able to do it at a cost that you can handle and live with.  Let’s discuss your project needs!

Considering Your Remodel

There’s no doubt that when it comes to home renovation projects, the kitchen is one of the first areas homeowners are trying to remodel. Did you ever dream of improving the overall vibe of your old kitchen space? Are you concerned with how the adjustments can affect the design, atmosphere, and overall aesthetics of your household? If you have a smaller room, then you ‘re going to want to utilize it as best as you can. Moreover, no matter how you desperately try to take care of your kitchen space, there’s always a time when it becomes out-of-date. And that’s because the kitchen is likely to be the most utilized area in every home. If you’re already facing problems about the poor condition of your kitchen space, then doing a renovation will do the trick. The very first step is to take what you’ve got into account, determine what to save, and identify what to dispose of.

When it comes to handling your kitchen cabinets, maintaining their quality and preserving their authenticity can be achieved through remodeling. However, if your kitchen cabinets don’t have any structural issues, trying to replace them might be a bad idea because it can cost you a lot of money to make a full replacement. Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is one of the most effective ways to bring your precious valuables back to their authentic visual appearance without replacing them. Renovating your kitchen by remodeling your cabinets can also give your home a new value without having to spend a fortune. That said, there are several reasons why you should settle for remodeling rather than doing a replacement. The low expense is one of these factors. Unlike a full replacement, you will save thousands of dollars in remodeling your kitchen and bathroom space. If you don’t want to change the original style of your kitchen, then updating is the perfect way to keep things fresh and new. Remodeling can also be accomplished more effectively if you collaborate with experts and the process doesn’t take too long compared to getting a full replacement.

Furthermore, if you’re still worried about the cost, then Frisco Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel will be able to provide you with a top-notch upgrade, remodeling and renovation services within your budget. We are offering excellent and high-quality remodeling, home additions, roof repairs, renovation services, and more. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from home maintenance, restoration, and construction. We can ensure that no matter what vision you have, we have the technical experience to bring it into reality. We know that many consumers are worried about the expenses of a kitchen renovation and that the cost can sometimes go beyond their allocated budget. However, we’re going to make sure that this isn’t going to be the case when you work with us.

Frisco Kitchen Remodel is composed of a seasoned team of contractors, electricians, plumbers, remodeling and renovation specialists. We will supply you with all the technical advice you need, irrespective of the specifications of the unique remodeling you want to achieve. Are you planning to repair an outdated kitchen, replace your old kitchen cabinets in order to introduce some freshness in your kitchen space? We have all the resources to make this all possible.

Kitchen styles have evolved over the years, and if your home was designed in the 70s or 80s, then your kitchen may need to be modified to stay on top of the modern design trends. Kitchen remodeling is a perfect way to inject fresh life into an aging home. You can provide your kitchen with a whole new look by upgrading the cabinets, repainting the walls, or even replacing the floors. Prominently, it is important to consider other factors prior to jumping to the whole process, as they play a vital role in reaching your objectives when it comes to remodeling your kitchen space and increasing the overall value of your home. While you might think the DIY path is quite appealing, you’re most likely to pay more money at the end of the day. Our experts at Frisco Kitchen Remodel will be able to help you start your journey towards remodeling your kitchen space on a good note. We ‘re going to walk you through all the phases from the planning stage to the actual production process and provide you with quality results.

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Our Services

Customers often face a daunting challenge when it comes to remodeling their kitchen – specify the kitchen of their dreams or be careful about costs and leave features out.  Costs and prices can quickly shoot out of control if the project is not managed well.  We can assure a project that is done to your needs but at a price that you will be affordable.   Below are some of our project examples from around Frisco and DFW.

Frisco Kitchen Remodel- Builders
Frisco Kitchen Remodel- New kitchen
Frisco Kitchen Remodel- Floor

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are often one of the most overlooked and seldom considered area of the home that should be inviting.  This can be done with beautiful fixtures, state of the art bathtubs or jacuzzi or even selecting more eco friendly options that lower your monthly utility payments and provide immediate return on investment.  An amazing bathroom can provide such an impact on the quality of life of your family.  Bathtime with little ones or a soak tub with jets, can help soothe the daily stresses and provide you the perfect reason to remodel.

Kitchen Remodel

Hands down one of the most highly trafficked room in your home, a modern and beautiful kitchen can mean everything to your prospective buyer and his willingness to buy or go through with a sale.  Kitchen’s are the talking point of every home visit and are a significant reason for a home’s value to increase.  Kitchen’s are your family’s gathering place and if you have something you’ve imagined, we can bring that to a reality.  Whether you are simply looking for new flooring, countertops or a complete remodel, you can be certain that Frisco Kitchen Remodel will bring the professional expertise to bring the kitchen your family deserves.

Frisco Kitchen Remodel- cabinets
Frisco Kitchen Remodel- cabinets
Frisco Kitchen Remodel- Builders

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing or refinishing the process of removing doors & drawer fronts and replacing them with new wood that can be painted or stained.  This process usually takes 2-3 days from demo to completion.  The great thing about Cabinet Refinishing is that it saves approximately 50% when compared to traditional cabinet replacement.

Cabinet Design and Install

Kitchen cabinets are amongst the most important aspects of your new kitchen remodel.  Having a professional touch through our team will make a significant difference in fit and feel.  Forego the DIY route and allow our experts to perfectly design the cabinet space and cabinets that will complement your beaitful new kitchen.

Frisco Kitchen Remodel- Kitchen
Frisco Kitchen Remodel- Kitchen
Frisco Kitchen Remodel- Builders

Kitchen Floor Plans

At Frisco Kitchen Remodel we have a number of kitchen floor plans to choose from that will boost comfort and efficiency.  Choose a standard floor plan that suits your space – then personalize it to make it your own.  Galley kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchens or multi island kitchens are some of the more popular designs we will discuss with you and walk you through.  We are capable of fitting the right design for your space and budget.  

Luxury Bath

One of the biggest trends today is creating a “spa” worthy luxury bath with high end fixtures and sophisticated materials that make an inviting space. The result is a space much like a getaway retreat yet in the comfort of your own home.  Three dimensional Amber Tiles and double vanities are just some of the elements that can take your current bath the the next level.  You may think you don’t have the room available to accomodate, consider pulling space from adjoining bedroom closets.   

“After years of discussing remodeling our kitchen, we finally decided to take the leap and call Frisco Kitchen Remodel and had a consultation, deciding to move forward. Not only did they finish sooner than predicted, but came in exactly as quoted.” – Jill K.

“Our parents owned an older home that was passed down from their parents. For their anniversary, we hired Frisco Kitchen Remodel to finally give them a finished bathroom. It was absolutely worth the investment to see their faces.” – Sean U.

“The time for a counter top replacement finally came upon me, and so I called Frisco Kitchen Remodel. They took a lot of the pain out of the process with their estimate, and the work that they did will last me many years.” – George D.

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