Homeowners often face a challenging dilemma when it comes to remodeling their kitchen.  Not to mention, managing the costs, design, and additional construction needs requires a lot of keen supervision. Unless the project is not handled properly, expenses can easily spike up and leave anyone off their budget. This is why Frisco ELM Kitchen Bathroom guarantees a project that perfectly fits your needs and won’t cause you any financial strain. We offer a wide variety of services ranging from home renovations to new construction services.
At Frisco Kitchen Remodel, we have the expert knowledge and professional skills to bring your renovation and remodel ideas into reality. Some of the best services we offer include the following areas:
Bathroom Remodel
It is not a secret that bathrooms are one of the less considered and barely noticed areas inside the house. To some people, however, a bathroom is more than just a common amenity. At Frisco Kitchen Remodel, we can transform your dull-looking bathroom by incorporating beautiful fixtures, state-of-the-art bathtubs or Jacuzzi, or even more eco-friendly solutions that will lower your monthly bill costs and offer an instant return on investment.
Kitchen Remodel
A kitchen is often considered as the focal point of a home and is also regarded as a big factor when it comes to raising the value of a property. In terms of family use, the kitchen is a meeting spot for every family member on a daily basis. Moreover, if your kitchen space is looking outdated, it may be time to breathe a new life to it. Whether you’re only shopping for new flooring, countertops, or full remodeling, you can be confident that our seasoned team of experts at Frisco Kitchen Remodel will be able to bring their technical experience to the kitchen renovation that your family needs.
Cabinet Refacing
Cabinet refacing is the process of upgrading doors and drawer fronts by replacing them with new wood material that can be painted or polished. Most of the time, this process takes up to 2-3 days from the demo period to its full completion. If you’re wondering about the advantage, the best thing about cabinet refacing is that it saves you more money compared to a conventional cabinet replacement.
Cabinet Design & Installation
Kitchen cabinets are among the most significant elements of every new kitchen remodeling project. While DIY renovations are very common nowadays, taking advantage of professionals would make a big difference. If you want to ensure quality results, then you can forget about the DIY route and allow our specialists to redesign your cabinets and compliment them into your beautifully remodeled kitchen.
Kitchen Floor Planning
At Frisco Kitchen Remodel, we have a collection of kitchen floor plans to select from that will improve the convenience and overall efficiency of your kitchen space. You can pick a basic floor plan that complements well with your space – and have it customized to suit it with your unique preference. L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchens, galley kitchens, or multi-island kitchens are some of the most common designs we’ll explore with you and guide you around if you work with us.
Luxury Bath
One of the greatest trends today is the production of a luxurious spa-like bathroom with high-end fixtures and stylish materials that create an enticing space in the comfort of your own home.
If you want to make your bathroom look more elegant as if you’re staying in a five-star hotel in Frisco, Texas, then we can help you make that happen. With the help of our seasoned team of experts, we can take on a project that will make your bathroom more luxurious than ever by incorporating fixtures that define what stylish bathroom should look like.
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At Frisco Kitchen Remodel, we are committed to providing our clients with top-notch projects that will increase the value of their homes and enhance the quality of their life. As a
company that believes in smart procedures, our experts are extremely systematic when it comes to carrying out every given project; may it be for renovation purposes or new construction. You also don’t need to worry about the service cost when working with us. We always guarantee that we will be able to provide you with quality results without compromising your budget.

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